Alexz Johnson


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He broke in my heart and took my gold
And after all that I've been told
Horror stories that I read
While mom was putting me to bed

I put a lock on every door
He wants to get inside I'm sure
He's only there to mess around
Be the talking of the town

A thief, burning my whole world down
A thief, turning my whole world around

I know I've failed every test
He knew which button he could press
My heart it beats out of my chest
It's never getting any rest

Didn't want him to see me cry
But every word became a lie
Only he can read my mind
His every touch is like a crime

A thief, burning my home down
A thief, turning my whole world around

Tell me what am I to do (better watch her)
Tell me who to talk too (talk to a doctor)
I really quit loving you (it won't matter)
So why am I talking you in to letting you still break in


Writer/s: Alexz Johnson / Dillon Pace

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