The Tear Garden

Things That Go Bump in the Night

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Synchronize your watches
Cos the party's just begun
He holds the gun
Close to the temple
Of his lovely
One and only
Foaming from the balcony
No one's listening in
We all tune out froth off and pull the blinds
It's all been done before
He's kicking crap across the floor
He's kicking her across the floor
He's kicking walls and windows, closet doors
Five years

All the next day nurses cry out
What's the deal now what the hell
He'll smile and say politely
Just an accident, she fell
She surely falls a lot
Five years

He seemed like little Romeo
But now he's all she's got
Now he's all she knows
It's better than a life alone
Five years

One stormy sticky night
He came home a little late
She'd hung the chains up
Barred the windows
Built a barricade
A single finger
There was spray paint dripping down the door
She'd won the war and didn't need a second shot
She picked her spot and fired and we stood back and admired
Crowned her princess of our spire
We disposed of his remains
And when they ask me what became of romeo
I will tell them he's now playing as a flower on a grave
So very far away
So very far away
Five lives

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