Luther Allison

Think With Your Heart

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If you want, the kind of love you talk about
I'm the one, who will always be by your side
Oh darling, little girl

Lean on me, love is what we really need
I found out, ooooh what I want from me
I want your love, gotta have your love
I need your love, awful bad
Can you tell me why, our love just won't last
I need you darling, I need you darling
I just want to know, if our love have a chance

Standing here crying, trying to hold back these tears
You give me the only reason, that I wanna live
I need somebody, somebody to love me too
I just don't know, what in the world I'm gonna do
You give me something to live for my whole life through
I'm gonna call you my sweet angel, as long as I live
Cause I got so much, so much, so much love to give, Ahhhh

Little girl, hold me tight
Think with your heart, I know what you thinking will be right
Were gonna live together, for ever and ever
Is there love, deep down in side, what's your heart for
To tell, to tell, to tell all of her
I need you baby, your the best thing I ever had
Baby please please, won't you give our love one more chance, Ahh
Come on darling, come on let me in
You know your the best thing baby

Writer/s: James Solberg / Luther Allison

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