This Celluloid Dream

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Calling Tears From Deep Inside, Oh, You're So Exquisite.
And in the Mirror, All Midnight Eyes.
Oh, If I Could Remain, But It's Just a Visit.
All Midnight Eyes Read "Vacancy."

Twisted, Twisting.
To the Lovely Dancing Lights,
I Begged, "May I Cut In?"
But They Never Stopped Playing "Their Song."
Of a Joyous Song They Sing,
I've Heard Whispers.
On a Freezing Note, I Resonate.

Just Like Romantic Verses,
Just Like a Joyous End,
Just Like a Memory, It Twists Me.

You Land As Lightly As the New Snow, Cinematic,
Onto the Melting Boy and Melt Away.
You Light As Gently, You're So Cinematic.
Bathed in Your Radiance, I Melt.

In the Glitter, in the Dark,
Sunk Into Velvet Praying This Will Never End.
In the Shadow of a Star,
In Static Pallor,
I Realized I Never Began.
All the Colors Upon Leaving Will Turn to Grey.