Sawyer Brown

This Missin' You Heart of Mine

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It's a January night, there's a cold wind blowin'
But it's colder knowin' you'll be gone a long time
The weather man's right, there's a mean storm hissin'
It don't help this missin' you heart of mine

Stoke the fire, read a book
Give the storm another look
Just to keep my hands and mind occupied
Oh to night, I just wish, that I knew what to do with
This missin' you heart of mine

I keep tryin' to call, I get the operator
She says call back later, there's trouble on the line
I'll sing it to the night and if you'll just listen
You can hear this missin' you heart of mine

[Chorus x2]
With this missin' you heart of mine

Writer/s: Mike Geiger

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