Black Moon

This Goes Out To You

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Let it be known, you can't keep a good man down
Hard time, hardly wear me down
The strong survive, what comes around, go around
When the going get rough, we ride, lord, hold me down
Blood, sweat and pain, take it and strive
Nothin to do, it's breakin' my pride
My eyes on the prize, been through, tribulations and trials
I realize, I'm still gonna rise

I need one hundred percent, undivided attention
Provided you mention, Black Moon is back
And all the questions, like Smif-N-Wessun
Changin' their name to Cocoa Brovaz, did it ruin the track?
Let's think back, like the song I made
So we can reminisce the rights and the all wrongs I made
Don't get it twisted, I don't progress shit
I don't remember, but I don't forget, shit
That's how the game go, things get harder to spit
What's real love, without pain, the part of the shit
Who knows, few blow, few will get dough
It's the reason so many rappers never move with the flow
But I've shown, that I'm prone, to keep going
Cuz I flown, this goes out to you
This goes out to you

[Chorus x2: Steele, Buckshot]
This goes out to you, and out to you
Who didn't believe I wouldn't achieve
My goals, yo, I'm so, out of control
I just don't know

I started out with nothing, got a little talent
Came up with something, got a little violent
It was hardly thumpin', everybody fakin' moves
While I'm makin' moves and that party jumpin'
What part of me bluffin, huh? I don't see one
See guns, he run, leave sons with nothing
Stranded - handle it, stress on my chest
Like a tight lamel lid, I just -
Breathe in, breathe out, see what he about
And if there's no cheese, we leave him out
Cuz niggaz see the route that I'm on
Big movers for the kid to rule, everything abroad
See I was taught to write everything I saw
Been around the world, from the US to Singapore
You can learn a thing or more, from the veteran
No calm, wanna learn no more, just get a pen

[Chorus x2]

Me and Dru hooked up in '93
Started out as a management, then a record company
Even then they wasn't bumpin' me, but I ain't give a fuck
Still represented, every time I had to give them Buck
On stage in the studio, or on screen
They stayed out of sight, out of mind, if you off the scene
Knah'mean, I do too much for me to be enlightened
That's the reason, when you see me, you see me at night
Walkin', by myself, spliff lit by my lip, gun by my belt
Yellin' out, Duck Down is the label
Plus a million soldiers with me, nigga
Now that we able to make moves, and slay crews
And pay dues, cuz they rule
This goes out to you, this goes out to you

[Chorus x2]

Writer/s: D. Yates Jr.

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