Mandy Barnett

This Haunted House

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Your fingertips touched me round midnight
And your shadow crossed in front of my nightlife
I've done my best to make it here in this house since you've been gone
But the ghost of your memory stayed home

I've heard your voice from out in the kitchen
Then I saw your face in the mirror wall shavin'
I had to fight to stay here but darling I failed
And tomorrow this haunted house goes up for sale

This haunted house I live in is gettin' to my mind
House that is lock stock and memories if I don't make a dime

I saw some tears in your eyes in that picture
The one that you gave me on our last anniversary
Someone else will have to check the mailbox for your mail
Cause tomoorrow this haunted house goes up for sale
Tomoorrow this haunted house goes up for sale

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