This Party Sucks

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I woke up, hangover gone, and I was feeling alright
'cause I had slept until the sun went down that Saturday night
Got out of bed and thought to myself, "Now what am I gonna do?"
I checked my messages, not horroscope, to try and find a clue

There was a message in particular that caught my eye
It said there was a party happening, it was near by
So I got myself dressed and I left my house
Got to the party, nothing stirring, not even a mouse

'bout thirty people were there and most of them were dicks
Only three of them were girls, but they weighed as much as six

There was a small group of people around talking shit
About their jobs, pop music and politics
In the main room, the television was a hit
I said, "It's sad but true, most people are dicks"

I said, "How about some music?" And they said, "Freak that!"
They said, "Saturday Night Live is where it's at"
I noticed a fat girl, she was checkin' me out
She told me it was her house and she showed me about....and around....

(When she sat around the house, she really sat around the house...)

I asked for beer and she said there was none
I asked for liquor and food and she said, "Boy, you're screwed
"This party was 'Bring Your Own' and nothing is supplied"
"Well, you people are dicks!" is what I cried

Oh, so it's bring my own?
Bring my own what? Fun?!

This Party Sucks, this party sucks
B.Y.O.F. - Bring Your Own Fun
Because this Party Sucks, this party sucks
This Party Sucks, this party sucks

This party was the worst, I couldn't take it anymore
I said "Adios," grabbed my jacket and I ran for the door

I went home, drank some beer and fell asleep in a chair
There was knockin' at my door and as I checked to see who was there
I thought about the night and it made me sick
I thought, "It's sad but true, most people are dicks!"

There was a Mexican goddess standing at my door
She said she was Juanita, she just moved next door
She had a bottle of tequila, a seductive grin
I said, "Well, now it's party time!" as I let her on in....

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