Lost Society

Thrashed Reality

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Tell me what I can't see and blow my mind
Point out every fucking thing that I can't find
Patience is a virtue but I'm in a hurry
Not really in the mood so don't try to be sorry
Preach to me only if you stop believing in those
Spirits that have come here to save your ass
I'm the misfit with a bag full of tricks
Surrounded in this business class world full of pricks

Speak of me and you will see what's hiding in my head
Images of you lying on the ground dead
Dug myself a grave but my ego doesn't fit
My thoughts are locked up in my brain and the code is six six six

Someone could show me how to die, I got no clue
Gotta cause some mayhem soon and the model could be you
Some say get help there's something rotten in your brain
I'm part of a mutant generation and I've gone insane!

I've seen it all and now I'll end it all. Your high, my low, it's gonna blow

Face! Ae! and get your daily dose of thrashed reality
Face! Ae! and get your daily dose of thrashed reality
Thrashed reality
I'm coming after you


This is the way we were supposed to die!

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