Three Witches

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One piece of paper to alter your mind.
step out of reality, awe of mankind.
take a trip to the unknown, distorting the time.
Your mind's turning cartwheels inside your head.
do you welcome this feeling or wish you were dead?
tasting the wallpaper as the music turns red.
Stare at the wall as is melts into blood.
to keep this feeling you wish that you could.
to do it all over again you would.
The meaning of life on the tip of your tongue.
you're feeling insane as your brain's growing numb.
feel the alveoli burst in your lungs.
can't stop thinking on the brink and living like you've never lived =
Where'd i put my fucking brain, it's gone as you can see.
please don't step on it if you do it's the end of me.
can't put out my cigarette, this bottle seems to melt.
red cars and gnarly people are what this town's about.
Walls breathing, feel floating, look at me i'm flat.
staring at a leaf for hours the trees are made of blue and red.
smoke a pack of cigarettes in a second to my head.
just cuz i can't find my brain doesn't mean i'm dead.
Lucy in the sky playing dice with laughing sam.
images before my eyes of lisa, sally, and diane.
all's clear in double now i shift my psychedelic gears.
long slowly drifting seconds seem to last a thousand years.
One piece of paper has now changed your life.
a permanent dent in your brain you survived.
a part of you born as another part died.
Colliding thoughts slow to a pace you once knew.
normality slowly seeping it's way through.
did you ever think this could happen to you?
Eternally changed you for better or worse.
a scar on your brain or a lesson well learned.
i never will leave, in your mind i am burned.
So will you return to this journey i've led?
to laugh at the world and see the madness it spreads.
calling you back to you sanity's end.
Can't stop thinking on the brink and living like you've never lived =

Writer/s: Erik Moggridge / Mark Bodine