Pitboss 2000

Through It All

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God gave through it all to you
Gave through it all to everyone
God gave through it all to you
John's bankrollin' off you christian nerds
In olc you were hard, but dms was harder
You're fat and sloppy like nel carter
Couldn't go on tour because the bank repoed your van
Tried to use hardcore so you could get paid
Lost your george foreman grill the one time you got laid
Now you're rockin' out in cali for the glory of the lamb
Jesus saves, but who withdrawals ?
You'd be jewish for free matzah balls
Doin' it for the money from the scam
Now you sing hymns instead of crimson and clover
It's not your cup dude, it's your weight that runneth over
Rockin' out the buffet for the cornbread and the ham
Claimin' sxe, but puffin' on spliffs
I guess "thou shall not steal" doesn't mean riffs
Fleecing christian kids because through it all's a sham
Remember this----"dear kid.....eat shit"?
Screwed us once again, now you want your percent?
You can suck 15% of our dicks