Throw Them Bows

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Cadillac grills, cadillac mills,
Check out the oil my cadillac spills
So check out the hos my cadillac fills
Oh don't you like my twenty inch ride
Pretty ass clothes, Pretty ass doughs
Oh how I love these pretty ass hos
Pretty ass high class anything goes
Women on their cells making long john calls
And if they like to juggle get long john balls

All my playas in the house who are by the bar
If you a pimp and you know you don't love them hos
When you get on the floor, throw them bows
All my women in the house if you tasting cash
And you got some big titties with a matching ass
With your fly ass boots with em open toes
When you get on the floor, throw them bows

Dirty south mind blown
Hand me down a flip flops, hand me down
Mouth full of platinum mouth full of gold
Lie thru your teeth
And rip out your tongue cause of what your mouth told
And you can sweat from a burn in the 3rd degree
And if you sweat in your sleep then you sweat for me

Getting hit by bars
Hit by the Neptunes, hit by guitar
Rabbit out the hat
Overall triple,
Thugged out