'Til It Kills

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Go on further and we will lay to waste, precious blooms in our haste, we
ravage all of them, desperate for the medicine, take a salve that used
to soothe, make sure it can knock you cold, take a gift from nature's
womb, reduce it to it's harshest form. I've learned to make it stronger,
to get my fill, concentrate it 'til it kills, how can I make it lethal?
That's all I can feel, distill it 'til it kills. Embodiment of beauty,
now we can engineer, we can extract from the core the calibrated traits,
we skillfully can integrate, highest grade that can be had, most potent
substance known to man, if there's a price down on the line, push it out =
of your cluttered mind. The absolute need quickens in my abdomen, it
kicks inside, like an undead child, urging me onward with reflexive
violence, excruciating beat, to keep me on my quest.

Writer/s: Cinder Block