Troubled Hubble

To Be Alive And Alone

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It's nice to see you, back in the game, back playing the field, back to your old ways.

We don't want love we just want to be touched.
Some just touch while others want love.
Relationships are way too much, don't give me your heart because I've had enough.

It's hopeful to know you are there for me, as a friend with benefits, or a friend in need.
Love is happiness and happiness is free.
It's a lie that we're told and try to believe.
God is love and Love is the Devil.
What is your type, you say I've got several... It's a great time to be alive.

There's a hole in my soul that will never complete, just waiting for someone to marry me.
Broken hearts are overrated, you died alone because you've waited.
It's a great time to be alive and alone.

Writer/s: Chris Otepka / Troubled Hubble

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