Life In Your Way

To the Edge

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Leace the past, and set the pace high for the future
We're making our way
This makes me believe in us again
Let's get back in th way of things again
Persevere. hold these bonds at strong
Ignite the fire
With one foor in front of the other
The results I'm sure will speak for themselves
We can pave the way for days of hope and change
Set the standards high, rebuilding self-control,
And burn all the wasted time
We must leave behind this modern way of reason
It's something that comes all too natural
Resolution to relieve struggle, opening one's own heart, and
Push ourselves to the edge
It's not for pride or to accomplish success
It's not for number one, but it's for you
I believe we can change this town

Writer/s: Life in Your Way

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