Trash a Go Go

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Your honor!
I didn't do it
I didn't pimp her just for money
What's wrong with making her call me daddy?
Your honor!
I didn't do it
Oh, your honor
She didn't like it
I don't care what she said
I didn't make her sell head
Your honor
I didn't do it
The judge and jury just frowned at me
They said, "For exploiting your lady,
Just for a payday,
Is a sin, and you will pay."
When getting over is high above your head
And gettin' high can get you dead
What are you supposed to do?
I didn't pimp her to support my high
Pick up my car and keep me flyin'
No, your honor!
I did not do it
The judge and jury still frowned (Your honor!)
And said, ah, "Ten to twenty."
Your honor!
I still did not do it!
Your honor

Writer/s: George Clinton

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