Mac 10

Tonight's The Night

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Mack (squeak ru) talking:

Hey squeak (what's up nigga)
Hey, hey loan a nigga a thousand
( a thousand? nigga I ain't got no thousand.)
(we can go get a thousand) we can go get a thousand?
(yeah we can go get a thousand.) we goin' to go get a
Thousand then. (fuck around and get two or three)
We goin' to get it.

I got my mind made up and it's on
I got to get it (well let's get into it)
(nigga we on the grind) <saaayy whaaat>
Well tonight is mine (and tonight is mine)

Verse 1
Big body benzes daytonas and rag 'rarris
Killa cali is the state and it's wild as the safari
We hustle cook keys claim b's and c's
And we attack like pit bulls and rottweiller pedigrees
With a tech this connect nigga what you expect
Dub scg tatooed on my neck
As I parlay you do what you do I do what the dollar say
I'm a street nigga punk my pistol smoke like doc holiday
And I sell everythang homie now tell me what you want
You got to have this caviar fool so don't say you don't
Illegal or legit hit after hit I keep ya head bobbin'
In all black like batman give it to me or I'm robbin'
Now what you gone do hand over the goods or do I take 'em
Now do you keep little busta niggas in ya camp
Or do ya shake 'em
It's mack 10 once again in ya ear like a diamond
And while the street lights is shinin'
All through the night I keep grindin'

Chorus (2x)

Verse 2
Back the fuck up 'foe I act the fuck up (back the fuck up nigga)
Keep makin' big heads 'til they stack the fuck up (ha ha haa)
I need major scrill that's real it don't stop until then
Now watch this og ghetto survillian check a million
Quick fast got to have it man so I use muscle
Straight timin' dedication dog and all about hustle
I hit ya like boom bam don't ya know who I am
I got this shit by the bird half o-z or the gram
But never ever let a nigga owe you that don't know you
And don't trust no fuckin' bitch but get one that's down foe you
Late night to early morn' it's on in the war zone
Man life's a gamble dog if you crap out you gone

Chorus (2x)

Squeak ru talking: yeah once again the undefeated dub scg,
<westsiide> mack 10, squeak ru slappin' you bitch niggas
On the ass for being the busters you present yourself to be. <that's right>

Chorus (2x)