The Triffids

Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think

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I can hear the timer ringing
I can hear the whistle blow
I can hear the customers, they're saying
"Yes, it's time to go home"

Everything has been delivered
Everyone has called it a day
There's the doorman checking in his pocket
for his weekly pay

Chorus :
And from this window, I can see the street below
I can hear the hit parade on the radio
There's dirty dishes piling up in the sink
But it's too hot to move, and it's too hot to think

Outside the dog is growling
In a dark and hollow tone
He'll be going out tonight, there's nothing here
to make him stay at home

I can hear the baby crying
Listen... Mama's crying too
No-one gets much sleeping done
till they've been crying through and through


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