Too Much To Do

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We've got cookies to make, we've got carols to sing.
If we type while we bake, we'll be done by Spring.
Do we have time to buy Christmas dresses?
Should we try to stuff the stockings, roast a ham,
and be in bed by ten?

What can we say?
With Christmas only one day away.
We're totally crazed.
You see, we've got too much to do.
Too much to do.
We thought we heard some jingle bells, but it was just a fax.
That is just what happens when you're frazzled to the max.

We've got mittens to crochet,
Toboggans to ride, Christmas music to play.
Does anyone have a nose?
Our snowman needs one I suppose.
Please phone us, clone us, lend a hand.
Don't you understand?


Yes, we've got to find time to make egg nog and punch.
And Grandmother's holiday strudel for lunch.
No Way, No How, No Way!


There's too much to do and too little time.
We're sisters, we partners.
We'll solve any crime by dinnertime.
Here's a no brainer.
We've got too much to do.
Too much, too much to do!

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