Bella Morte


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Night rises through the light
Everything is shadow but
The grey sky seems so bright
I'm living in a dream

A dream that's too real
For many years have passed me by
All I've loved is lost
I can not count the days

I can not count the hours
I live within a mystery
That dies with me at dawn
And I am lost again

Nothing is real
Nothing here is real at all
I'm left alone to count the days (and)

You tore the heart from me
And I bleed the things I feel
Leaving nothing but a shell of what was
You tore the world from me
And I watch it turn to ash
In the fires of a dream that did not last

It's not easy now
Watching from this distant place
That breathes within my skin
This grief is all my own

The cemetery gates
Open like a lovers arms
Familiar as the rain
And foreign as the sun

Everything is real
Everything seems far too real
I'm left alone to count the days (and)

I once felt trust in your arms
I once held faith in these bonds
I was left there with my pain to find my way
Now I wonder where you've gone and who you are

Writer/s: Bella Morte