Manic Movement

Torn Into Divinity

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your essence circling
the centre of my soul,
tempting a new ascend
the pain has all but gone,
only now there's your softening
beauty to relent

molten silver pumping my veins

overpowering entanglement
in the gossamer of delightful complexity
leads to thrilling agony
as i find myself torn into divinity

into divinity

as I am doomed, forever lost,
to you and to our shadowplay
as I am doomed, to pay the cost,
when moving to brusque, fearing the day...
the chain will be broken

life without you
what is left of me
without this realm
that leaves a paled reality
where my mind is she
and loss is my only enemy

we take care of the shadows
for you and yours and me and mine
are now one

where my mind is she
and loss is my only enemy

you are the answer
to my life
to my sins

you are the key
to what bleeds in me
for all eternity
and to what breaths inside of me
for what grieves you
grieves me, my love (what's)
inside of me
inside of you

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