Defeated Sanity

Tortured Existence

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A lifetime of degradation
Preparation for the ultimate sin
Immature organs to disgrace
Creators of birth, smeared with blood

Becoming one of thousands
Not to feel the pain
Mutation into multiple minds
Total unfeelingness dispersed to them

Tortured existence...

Tortured existence...
...They Will take blood-secrets
To give their graves
Murdering the innocent... a ventile for aggression that
Never can be seized to words

Claws of religious slavery
Ritual torment to the innocent
Soulless piece of flesh
...|To cut deeper and deeper and deeper

Not visions of the infinite
Reality draws the line
Next to you, unsuspectingly
Satisfy the mental insane

...To their graves

Worthless scum, no pretension to existence
Victims of their choice
Welcome to their splattering thoughts
Deeds of extended decadence
Sacrifice the ones of your blood
Bred in virgin's innocence
Executed by immaculate hands
To complete the course of cruelty

Tortured existence...
Tortured existence...

Writer/s: Keller / Teske

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