John Denver

To the Wild Country

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There are times I fear I lose myself
I don't know who I am
I get caught up in the struggle and the strain
With my back against a stonewall
My finger in the dam
Losing strength and going down again

And I take a look around me
My eyes can't find the sun
There's nothing wild as far as I can see
Then my heart turns to Alaska
And freedom on the run
I can hear her spirit calling me

To the mountains, I can rest there
To the rivers, I will be strong
To the forest, I'll find peace there
To the wild country, where I belong

Oh, I know some times I worry
On worldly ways and means
And I can see the future killing me
On a misbegotten highway
Of prophecies and dreams
A road to nowhere and eternity

And I know it's just changes
Yes, and mankind marching on
I know we can't live in yesterday
But compared to what we're losing
And what it means to me
I'd give my life and throw the rest away


Writer/s: John Denver

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