Danger Danger

Turn It On

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I never thought I would get ta know ya
Now you're hangin' on tight and I can't control ya
Legs so long, lips so sweet
Hey little girl you're good enuff ta eat

Ooh you got me tossin' and turnin'
Baby can't ya see how I'm burnin'

Turn it on
Come on baby
Turn it on
You're drivin' me crazy

I can't believe all the noise you're makin'
Am I really that good or are you just fakin'
Feels so good, deep inside
It's like a non-stop rocket roller coaster ride - uh huh!

Girl you know you're drivin' me crazy
You're the only one who can save me


Woa-oh Turn the lights down low
Woa-oh Take it nice and slow
Woa-oh When I lose control - Turn it On!


Writer/s: Bruno Ravel / Steve West

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