Sawyer Brown

Travelin' Band

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They were searchin' for stars when we came along
It was rock 'n roll in a country song
There were five of us thinking that we can
This is the life and times of a traveling band
Hollywood had a funny face
So we took our chances and we got away
Back to Nashville, Tennessee
Hobie, Bobby, Jim and Joe and me

No the west coast life
Didn't fit just right

You could see us on the television
It ain't easy bein' all that grand
So we put on our blue jeans and our t-shirts
And made off with our guitars in the van
And took our place
Out on the stage
In a travelin' band

We heard our song on the radio
Along with the "Gambler" we hit the road
All across the USA
We were gypsies on parade
We were all about three chords and the truth
We wrote our songs on the bus, in the booth
Some go fast like "Some Girls Do"
Some go slow like "Used to Blue"

When the lights went down
We could hear the crowd

We headlined our first show in Salt Lake City
We still make a stop there now and then
They've got all our faces on their t-shirts
You should have seen our hairdos way back when
We took our place
On the stage
In a travelin' band

Fame and fortune don't mean much
Without someone to hold and someone to touch
Some wives left, some stayed on
So who do you love when the beat goes on
Now we're 27 years and a million miles
Shifting gears and changing styles
We said goodbye to old DC
Now it's Hobie, Shayne and Jim, the Joes and me

And when "The Race is On"
They all sing along
Now I'd like to take this time to thank you
Though it's been a long and winding road
I count my blessings when I see those faces
And I look down at this guitar in my hand
And I take my place
On the stage
In a travelin' band

I'm in a travelin' band

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