Travelin' Light

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You've been standin' on the corner for a thousand nights
Ifs the slowest corner known to man
Watchin' strange faces passin' 'neath the lights
With a bottle wavin' in your hand
You got just enough money for some nothin' to go
It ain't exactly what you planned
So lonesome that you can't even say hello
And no one seems to understand

So you're a mixed up kid, come on and join the crowd
The ones that only fit where they're not allowed
Out on the streets and you're feelin' blue
travelin' light
With a hole in your soul where the wind blows through
A hole in your soul where the wind blows through

You wandered away from your childhood home
Nobody cared to trace
the tracks you laid
You traveled by night
and you traveled alone
Came to rest at a penny arcade
Well, the last shots over
on a Saturday night You wake up in the beam
of a cop's flashlight
He asks you who you are as if you
knew or you cared
He asks you where you live
and you say nowhere


I don't know where I got it
but, I got it the same
It's a feelin' that'll rip you apart
It follows me around
like a part of my name
Like I'm born with a time bomb
instead of a heart


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