The Echoing Green


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You may find
When things start to come apart
And you've not time
To hold on to what you've got
That sometimes life can be so unkind

It's not time
To step down from where you are
'Cause you've got dreams
You'll see that are not so far
Sometimes you'll find
That things are alright
So don't fight...

and don't trip
And don't fall down
So don't trip
And don't hold on to the ground
So don't...trip

London Bridge is not always falling down
But you might feel
That your turn will come around
And sometimes you're right -
The world is unkind

You might feel
That bright days are hard to top
And you can pray
That these days will never stop
But sometimes you'll find
Rainy days are alright
So don't fight...
And don't trip

and don't turn this song around

Writer/s: Joey B.

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