Al Jarreau

Trouble in Paradise

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When it appears your love is finally on the line
And you can't hold it back much longer
And when it seems as though you're runnin' out of time
That's the time you should be stronger

Well, if you care about her
Don't you ever doubt her love
Would you turn around and throw it all away?
Just let her know today

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]
That it looks like trouble in paradise
And you're burnin' love that's cold as ice
Go out and find a flame
So you can warm it up again

May you always have somebody to depend on
And may your days be celebrations
And may there always be an angel on your shoulder
To help the awkward situations

And if you love each other
You'll never need another love
When the whole wide world has finally got you down,
She'll still be around

[repeat to fade]

Writer/s: Greg Mathieson / Jay Graydon / Trevor Veitch