Elliott Smith

True Love

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True love is a rose behind glass
That's locked and kept closed
Maybe just to me
'Cause my heart's been attacked
Shattered by tough love, bad love

So I bought mine off the street
True love, man, it just can't be beat
I felt so complete
Married to heavenly bodies above

And each night I look up
At a bright honeymoon
Because it sure seemed built to last
Even after my honeymoon past
I kept right on at midnight like a ghost
To the house it once haunted

And day after day
I'd steal with my true love away
To some hideout we left undisturbed
We could do what we wanted

But I started to feel like a liar
Saying I love you
She was madly in love or mad at me
There was no in-between
It raised my alarm
I found I can't make a stand
I'm her hired hand
I have to do harm

One day I got sick
She played me a nasty old trick
Said, "I need cigarettes"
Walked around the block
Caught a cab
Stayed gone for too long
My love had gotten too strong
Just to try being back on my own
I had to go to rehab

All I need is a safe place to bleed
Is this where it's at?
Half of no chance
Steps in a dance
Rest of my life spent in combat

Now I'm the king of the ward
Because I'm good and I swallow my sword
Puke it up for the doctor to write me
A new prescription

Tranquil as a dove
People that have lost their true love
That all seem to fit the same description
I feel cold, useless and old
I Wish I was no one

Take me home, my love
Take me home today
Take me out of this place
Take me home with you today

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