Rockie Fresh

Turn it up

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[Verse 1:]
Okay I light her up, she start the show
Love the way she drop it low
She gave me the green, fuck you mean?
"No I have to go"
She got this shit on padlock
The combination I've got
If she let me hit
Well she might just hit the jackpot
I'm talking bout' them shoppin' sprees
The flyest when she shop with me
Real is what I got to be
Ain't nobody stopping me
We never feel the pressure
We ain't gotta build to much
You tryna chill, you tryna fuck
Let a nigga know whatsup and we whateva'

And we can go where-ever you desire
Just take me to a place where I can ignite my fire
And we can reach the clouds, go as fly as your attire
Anytime you feeling down, always know I take you higher...

When you turn it up
Twist it up
Light it up
Let me bang

[Verse 2:]
Okay I watch her shine, her jewerly bling
She wanna leave, escape the scene
She bring some friends, to bless the team
Tonight they bout to let her dream
Every moment damn they perfect
Hit good cause you deserve it
Scratches on my back was worth it
I appreciate your service
Now a nigga back to working
Doing what I have to do
You know the shit a rapper do
I gotta get my capital
Really have been getting it
So I can spend a racks on you
Sunder though I ask of you
You call me and I'm coming through