U Want Me

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By the way U look at me
Eye can tell U fancy me
As sure as there's salt in the sea
U want me

By the way you came 4 me
And whispered things so lovingly
Blah, blah, blah - we were meant 2 be
U just want me

Sublime the Rhyme that comes from thee
How flowers help up next 2 me...
Proves that all in all is no theory
U want me

Spoken word - unnecessary
U and eye were born 2 marry
Immaculate and duty-free
U want me

When eye wake up next 2 U
Eye reminisce on what we do
Any morning U please
U want me

Pendulum, the velvet swing
Torso wrapped in scissors bring
Out the banshee colored wail, b b baby
U want me

Eye want U 2

Writer/s: Prince