Mr. T Experience

Two Of Us

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Now there are two of us, instead of only one,
two times as many things get left half undone.
We're twice as half-asleep when the new day has begun
and maybe twice as on the run,
'cause some of them will still be making fun of us.
They'll say "the two of you will never be one of us."
But even if that's true,
they'll have twice as much to do
when there are two of us,
and one of them is you.

They'll find the two of us much harder to restrain,
outsmarted by our impressive double brain
If one of us runs dry, still another will remain,
and it's twice as hard to pull the chain
of two of us, against a ton of them:
but two of us outnumber every single one of them.
Two lives are semi-rough
with half the rent and twice the stuff.
There are two of us, and that should be enough.
Look at everybody.
Everybody's always
falling apart or breaking up.
But the two of us never will be one of those,
and I should know-- I have had a run of those
Our love's not guaranteed,
but it's growing like a weed.
There are two of us,
I think that's all we need.

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