Rx Bandits


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2000, another shattered vision: the human race.
(Our self-destruct button)
has been pressed, are we acting on morals?
A malfunction of minds lacking decisive control
Are filled with a t.v. sense of life.
We could live with no regrets, this ride's not over yet.
How can we change the paradigm of social caste when the
victims are the same one's to slave for the corporations?
This episode's resolving, but we can change it.
A revolution's calling! And I'd like to think that I'm not alone,
are we all alone in this? Greed. War.
We can't afford to prune in the selfish agenda (of politicians)
But we've got to get paid, I know.
Let's try to do what we can for us.
(syntax error, reprogram! reprogram!)
All systems down! But we can change it!