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Another cold night slowly runs through my veins
Sanity lost in lifeless deserts of thoughts
And heavy smoke creeps into my eyes
In river of pitiable tears I drown

And so I sit miserable and weak
Thrown out of game I have utterly lost
Moaning like mortally wounded beast
Agonizing earth-bound ghost

Blizzard raging inside!
Eternal winter has come!
All my tears, all my pleads, all my cries
Got broken against lump of ice
Storms of indifference
Cruelly tear me apart!
All my life, all my dreams, all my love
Turned into glittering dust

Staring at the darkness, blinding as the brightest light
I can feel my body dissolving into endless night
Trying to light the fire with my frozen limbs
To escape this real world of unconcocted dreams

I'll uncry these tears,
I'll unconfess my sins
I'll overcome my fears
Tormenting from within

I'll unfeel my pain,
I'll unlearn to hate
I'll unloose my life
I'll become undead…