Simon Says

Under The Seal

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Five thousand millions of years we know
And countless words to describe
Five thousand millions of tears will flow
The epitaph for white man's tribe

We number the species by their names
And place the apes at the top
We make menues and weigh our lives on scales
But never know when to stop

Is this what we've learned?
Is this what they've earned?

In slaughterhouses we rank the nameless graves
And give them a line on page three
But some time ago we lived in caves
A life we should all have let be

Then one day in October life grew sad
The market fell with some six per cent
And money we lost that we'd never had
And then came the time to repent

There is still an answer
There is still a way
There is still a meaning
There is still a day

There are too many assumptions
Of how it was meant to be
There never are any questions
Of what's best for you and me

I know it's getting harder to feign every day
But if life wasn't getting us farther
What was there left to say?