Elliott Smith

Unlucky Charm (Come Out Now)

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My flower would not unfold,
always waiting for some sunnier day.
quiet and patient,
but afraid and hidden away.

When your awful truth's been told,
matter of fact and i can't take it back
and i wouldn't want to,
or at least that's what i say.

will you come out now?
now that it's too late for me to be in on the scene.
i hurt you bad, but you know you're a dream.

Do you want success? oh yeah.
through somebody else? oh no no no no.
so go start over,
it's been a time since you've had to.

Do you got your own thing? yeah.
what you want to do for now
stop taking everything back.
it confronts you just lying down.

Will you come out now?
who would you do it for, unlucky charm, beautiful collapsing star?
who would it be?
why wasn't it me?

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