Manda & The Marbles

Upside Down

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Stop stop stop, I'm going mad
I'm all fed up, its going bad
Time time time tick tocks aways
Nothing you can do, nothing you can say

Love me. Leave me. Love me. Leave me.
Don't forget, I'm the one that you hand picked
Talk me up, then talk me down
My life's been turned upside down.

Nothings right , nothings wrong
Nothings good, nothings bad
No more, no more, no more

Nothings lost , Nothings found
Its all turned upside down
No more, no more, no more.

A take over, its over, no other
No more! More!
No giving , no caring, no loving
No more! More!

Pretend. No end. Don't look back.
Yesterday won't matter. Under attack.
Never understand, never complain.
Never underestimate that I'm not sane.

Give more, take more, there's no end
Left my dreams under your bed.
Speak softly but don't whisper.
They can't hear you when your hurt.


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