Up To Bat

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Ok baby, hello, hoe guess who's back
Ook who's back bitch, and I'm bout
I'm bout it, ok
I wanna tell you I'm bout that
I'm bout that life, big fun
Wo bitch, look, it's the based God

I'm a keep it real, I love a hoe
As far as money goes, I'm on the road
Only go to the gold, cast the cast elbows
45 and drough, yeah I got 9 lives, like the cat
Sit back in the act, gotta reflect
Cue game, in charge of steps
Walk the steps off bitch respect
Damn, gorgeous, 1, 2, I'm surprised
Never seen a way, down the God
You feel me? Used to ride banks now I love em
Cashing I might fuck em
Spend the money bitch, to the last bracket
Only live once and I'm feeling like fuck it
2 for 1, key 5 and I'm in pain for 1
Game got curbes, it's over son
The builders far down I stay in town
Keep up man, I stay in bounce
Never been a sucker
Ask God, I really love you
When I didn't have a car was outside
Now I'm inside when I go back outside
What I do, I'm a gangster, you feel me
And fuck the strangers, but I love em
You feel me, hell I'm back, bitch I'm back

I can't believe you won't receive
If you have the will to believe
Fuck beef, you gotta watch the fiends
As far as money goes, it's green
Lady silver, got gold in the back of the pillar
Tell me I'm not working, met one cute stressin
Baby wanna push dope, santa push dope
Got 5 reindeers and they all hoes
You feel me? Nobody take control, I'm the coldest in the game
Niggas gotta wake up, stay jose alone
Niggas be lying, they all as clowns
Hit em with the glock, niggas pussies
People talk a little shit, but they don't push me
Twist going glock 9, what's up buzz lightyear
Stayin strapped up with the 9 yeah
I'm at the top, fuck all them bags
Microwave everything, you feel me?
Got a driver in maze, nigga never clean
You feel me? As far as everything
Man I be going mary jane, man
You feel me, and they know about me
The game phase stay on suckers, get left
With a motherfucking dug out
I tell you bitches bout mine, I want it back.