Gaias Pendulum

Vlad Tepes (Voivoda Draculea)

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In the wood of silence
I'll be waiting for you
You know I need your blood
Elixir of the immortals.
My soul is dying for you
My body don't resist, for more
I am the king of shadows
Slave into your kingdom of light.

Waitin' for the sun
Dreamin' to be free
When the shadows come
I'll can see your face
Then I will be dead
But my soul will be alive
Waitin' for the sun
Dreamin' to be free.
OH, father please forgive me
Forgive me cause I hate you
The whore life that you give me
Now isn't enough for my dreams.
Angels outcry for kill me
I am the devils bearer
Oh, fullmoon's night and poetry
You know I only want to die.

[Repeat Chorus]

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