Sister Hazel

Vacation Rain

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I shut my eyes and it all comes racing in
Every time it rains, I can feel you on my skin
A storm of chance, when fate was hard to find
Seven days that we left behind
Everything we were, everything underneath the sun
The waves kept crashin', and a storm had just begun
Forces colliding to one moment in time
For seven days, when it rained you'd shine

Remember the nights,
Remember the days, remember the vacation rain,
Remember the way life used to taste,
Remember the vacation rain rain rain rain

The earth was shaking, and the ground was getting wet
The time we were taking, I never will forget
Summer winds were changing and coming to an end
Seven days we'd never see again


Don't it take you back like a photograph
Hangin' in your mind frame
Every now and then I wanna feel that way again
For seven days


The crash of the waves that we felt break
Remember the vacation rain rain rain

Writer/s: Jett Beres