Vaginal Incisors

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Predisposed genetic code, metabolic mutagen
Sex organs mutate to prevent incestuous rape
Teeth rooted to the vaginal wall
Canine points with no mandible
Uterine muscles constrict around erect invader
Incisors penetrate and rake across tender skin

Blood caverns breached
Bacteria pumped into inflamed muscle
Penile prosthesis engulfs tainted tissue
Prostate gland carries genital corruption

Poison distributes through testicles
Scrotum blackened with impurities
Accelerated infection hardens soft foreskin
Muscle contractions worsen with pollutes progression

Urethra corrodes with bacteria ejaculation
With each orgasmic thrust, penis compresses
Size decreases as genitalia dries up
Useless manhood withers and is discarded

Sexually deviant personality punished
Never to impregnate daughters again

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