Valley Of Decision

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Run comem and fall people take heed to his call,Valley of Decision.Valley of Decison.
This is no game,people have to die is his name Valley of Decision.Valley of Decision

Darkness it looms all around us,I find it hard to see.
I don´t know,I don´t know,I don´t know,I don´t know
I don´t know wheter I should stay or wheter I should flee.
People all around me seem,They seem to be so sad.
I see them cry I hear them bawl I see their backs against the wall,
I wish I could wipe away their tears.

(Pre Chorus)
There´s a Holy,a Holy hill,Holy Mount Zion,Holy,Holy Mount Zion
Just know that he´s the Lord your God in this Valley of Decision,Valley of Decision

(Chat Chorus)
Even though I run trough enough Hills and Valley
I fear no evil cause God is with me.
Even thought i run thought enough Hills and Valley
Thy rod and staff they will comfort me.

(Pre Chorus)
(Chat Chorus)

Jah greta and dreadful day will soon come
Jah will pour His mighty,mighty,mighty Spirit to all mankind.
Trought Him all creation,all creation was made.
Those wha call upon His name,Call on his name and you will be saved.

(Pre Chorus)
(Chat Chorus repeated)

Writer/s: Bill Kasper / Johnny Guerrero / Lyndon Barrington Allen / Mark Mohr

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