Rufus Wainwright

Waterloo Station

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Soon, beneath the awning of the train station
Soon, amongst the yawning of a great nation
So soon, I'll be arriving at Waterloo

Laughing at the joke on poor Napoleon
Whistling a melody fit for Nelson
So soon
And of course I'll sing the song by the Kinks
And not the one by ABBA
Waterloo Station

Many years ago I up and left my homeland,
To make my fortune far from England
Had to go, far away
The furthest place, Paris, France
Tell all the world,
All the while that I was parted
Fair visions of dark rivers,
And green parks I was haunted by
Fine again, ahead of all the hijinx,
That this girl's had to go through
To get back to Waterloo Station

Writer/s: Rufus Wainwright

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