Pitboss 2000

Viking Sex

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The lightening was flashing, the thunder was crashing
As we rolled around in the heat of passion
Arm in arm on the bed we were rollin'
As my cock was getting all veiny and swollen
We could just make out, but that would just leave me wanting more
Because i just wanna' fuck on tour
We can go all night long even if my dick gets sore
Because I just wanna' fuck on tour
Call up two or three friends to join---fuck it, go ahead call four
Because I just wanna' fuck on tour
I'll be the Cock Rock Warlock all up in your backdoor
Because I just wanna' fuck on tour
Her panties got wet when she heard this ballad
So she lifted up my nuts and tossed my salad
I got romantic and poured the Champipple
Rubbed on her titties and sucked on her nipple
The Pitboss Army's an erotic battalion
Six big-dick daddies who fuck like stallions
So ladies if you wanna' see it first-hand
Then after the show meet us out by the van