Vintage interview with Monoxide

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Describe a typical day for Twiztid before a show.
It's different in two different ways because we spend our days differently. You know, the larger one being sleeping until doors, and bein' a kaldascope of different things. I'm usualy up and walking around, fucking with the Juggalos. I go down to the venue and fuck around with them, smoke some weed with em. You know what I'm sayin'? Hang out, read through the book of spells. Stuff like that. But... it's different. We don't like the day. You know what I'm sayin'? If everything was night that would be awesome, because that's when we get our gig on.
Aight well okay when you guys are doing a tour, you may pass over some cities and some people think oh "Twiztid doesn't like us" you know "ICP doesn't like us" but obviously usually that's not the case. What does it take to put a tour together? You know like why do you pass over some cities sometimes or hit a city sometimes...
Well what it is, i'd say about 85% of the cities in the United States Of America already don't want us to play there. It has nothing to do with us, you know what I'm sayin? We know there's Juggalos everywhere and if we could go anywhere we could... But for example Milwaukee was a place, I mean, they didn't want us there. Their city officials were like 'Hell no.' Their governor was like 'Fuck you,' their mayor, everything. It comes down to shit like that, it comes down to politics. It has nothing to do with us, we don't make that. I mean, there are cities where we're like, we gotta go here, we gotta go there, but there's never been a time where we've been like 'We're never going there again' or shit like that. it's never like that. it's all up to the city. and it's getting harder and harder, dude they're doing shit like they won't let juggalos show up until, you know, 20 minutes before doors, shit like that. It's fuckin insane.
Now is it harder for you guys because of ICP? You know like i know a lot of places won't let ICP because of the faygo and they've heard the whole stories. Does that make it harder for you guys to book shows because you're with them?
Oh yeah. you know, we're thrown right into the same boat. Everybody who hates ICP, at least they have a reason to hate them. They'll give you a reason, but if you ask why they hate us, it's because we're with ICP. that's everybody. kids, parents, radio stations, video stations, record labels, promoters, booking agents. if they don't like them, 9 times out of 10 they dont like us. So what are you gunna fuckin do? Go around em.
Alright uh let's see. You guys releraes Mirror/Mirror as an EP, it had 10 songs on it though which is usually a little bigger, Why did you release it as an EP as opposed to waiting and putting four-five more tracks on and making it full length?
Well, actually we were doing something else. We were doing this Black Majik project. And that just kinda fell through, cuz it wasn't what we wanted. it was close, but it wasn't what we wanted. it was no different than a Twiztid song to me. it's like the song "Alone" was a Black Majik song, but I could picture it on Freekshow. So it was like, fuck, this shit's dope, we needa come out with an album. But we didn't want to come out with a full length. We didn't want everybody to take this album, like, this IS the big one, so to speak. there's no major label behind it, minimal distribution, you know, something strictly for the juggalos. We figured we'd say it was an EP to flip everybody's wig when they see, you know, 'Oh shit, there's 10 songs on here.' so that's dope, that's why we didn't print the track listing until you bought the cd and opened it and said "Damn, there's a lot more than 5 songs on here."
Uh let's see aight heres a question. On "Through Your Eyes" on the Mirror/Mirror, you said, or i don't know if it was you or Madrox right now but you said:
I'm not a puppet, so don't pull my strings
I don't need nobody trying to hold me, console me, control me, shit
You're the one trying to change me, make me into something that I'm not.
And alot of people on the internet, i know there's a lot of bullshit and speculation on the internet
That we dissed ICP?
Yeah, yeah can you comment on that?
It's nothing like that. It's about the mainstream. Mainstream America and what happens when something like us is filtered into that. it's like, we were on Island-Def Jam, and the first thing they did was send us back a track listing with every word to every song, every line on the album, with fuckin lines crossed out of it. They want us on their record label, they want us to make them money, but they don't want us to do it our way. They want to change us. So we're like fuck you. We left that record label. No, hell no. Anybody who thinks that we're dissin ICP is a fuckin juggahoe. And you can print that.
It's just that, you guys didn't used to do make-up, people thought that you used to be more hip hop/rappier, and then Freekshow you got more rockier, like ICP was doin. So that's what led people to believe maybe this was some sort of diss.
If you think about it, ICP is not the only ones who did that shit. Papa Roach did it, Limp Bizkit did it, Kid Rock did it. You know, everybody did it. All these motherfucking rock bands are trying to be rap, and they sound like shit. They can't hold a candle to it. So, it was kind of like a pun almost, kind of like a joke. All these motherfuckers are doing it, so we're like "We'll show you how easy it is." We like it it's cool, but that aint us. All there motherfuckers are doing it, but we only get compared to icp. Which is cool, it's fine. We dont trip. But for people to think that we're dissin them, fuckin insane. I can't beleive that shit. But I dunno, I guess. It sounds like the juggalos want us to diss them sometimes.. fuckers are lookin for some drama. That's why I stay off the internet. For real dude, monoxide has nothing to do with the internet.
Can you give us any insight as to what the "Green Book" is?
You'll see. You'll see. You'll see. You'll see......