King Los

Vintage Rolls Royce Interior

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Look I'm about to summons the punishment then publish it
By summers come I'm a run this shit
Cause a cummerbund could'ntstomach this
Jay played chicken with a mack truck, kinda raw
Niggas play chicken with Los, I'm playing dinosaur
Carnivores hide from me, predators is prey,
The earth is my chessboard,
Where my competitors get played,
I'm 2 seconds from greatness
You 10 minutes from 8th grade
I mastered mine like I invented the slave trade
Aight, my girlfriend 9 times hot
I'm unsigned, but I shine in every prime time spot
Design lines of a genius, but them guidelines dropped
Cause my curriculum starts right where Einsteins stopped
I learned every word in the world then restarted again
I surpassed the point of a genius to retarded again
Even plotted the perfect plan then re-thought it again
So even if I forfeit they still called it a win
Me losing? I doubt that forever
I could spit tornadoes out, that could probably put a house back together
I am, thee best, leave all my competitors dying, depressed
I'm a lion in thee flesh
And you, you bout as gangster as Ryan SeaCrest
Bout to send all my niggas to give out you niggas that's lyin, G -Checks
I am too big to belittle you haters
I am too big I "be little" you haters
Heres a little rule breaker
I'm seeing so many cheques now
I feel like I'm turnin' in middle school papers
And dem court side seats behind the Lakers, kinda cool,
The acres behind the lake and the lake is behind the pool
The pool is behind the mansion, the mansion behind the phantom
The phantom behind some trees, and a tall gate please
For whoever got the crown, get some all state please
Will I scratch these niggas off? Do a dog hate fleas?
Jeeez, I'm at a level they haven't entered yet,
So while I'm talkin please nobody interject,
I'm Andre 3K with the intellect
So all you hoe ass rappers give me a pimps respect
I'm leanin' like Pimp C doing my thing, respect it
I'm Bun B from an underground kings perspective
My flow should be forbidden,
I freestyled one time, and Nas told me it was written
Jus kiddin' if I'm leavin' you out
Well it's a hard knock life no reasonable doubt
The crown ain't safe, I hope rappers feel inferior
This what I like to call Vintage Rolls Royce interior

Let it ride out man, for a second
Jus let it sing... I'm gone