Abigail's Ghost


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Love it when you spit on me and say it's raining
Think I'll never get enough of your complaining
Shrug your shoulders, walk away, solve those problems
You're the bigger man

Whispered words behind my back are so amusing
Guilt can be your basis to begin accusing
Lay your blame on someone else, burn those bridges
You're the bigger man

Run away from situations
That could lead to confrontations
Now we're both aware that you would never look me in the eye

To tell me how you feel
When you can leave it on a note
Let's hear you try to lie to me
With hands around your throat
Don't you dare stare at the floor
I'm gonna say this to your face
You'll have reason to resent me
When I put you in your place

I can see you living your life out alone
Who knows maybe you'll do all right on your own
Once you realize that it's too late to atone