Vision Divine

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I know all, mind set in stone, as i gaze in awe beyond the sky.
vision divine came to me, who we are, one true answer is mine.
Around us all revolves, all that came to be.
at his mercy all dies, enforced by the deity.
Blind leads blind, prophets revealed, declares answers that he can =
Never know.
faith completes eyes are now sealed, all explained man's existence =
>from man's mind born a god, figurehead bestowed.
now he no longer sees, beyond the shell of his earthly throne.
Divine right lost and retrieved, one more fool to explain eternity.
the laws of what was, is, and will be, reclaimed refabricated =
A god dies one more born, from the mind of man.
once again truth denied, blind fools.
strain to see beyond their grasp.

Writer/s: Carl Fulli / Erik Moggridge / Guy Higbey