Rollins Band

What Am I Doing Here?

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Walkin' alone down Sunset Boulevard
Feelin' lonely, feelin' mean, feelin' hard
Passing cars movin soft to scar my mind
Hot night street light pressin down burning my eyes

What am I doing here? (4x)

Climb the stairs back to my hollow room
Locked up, thrown away, fallin' down, sudden tomb
Voices outside screamin'
Not sayin' a word to me
Voices inside screamin' at a man - Don't you always hear it from me?

What am I doing here? (5x)

Turn around quick see if I can see my eyes
I see the face in the mirror starin' back don't recognize
Lookin' at my hands only nothin' hangin' on
Feelin' non-existent, stuck here feelin' gone

What am I doing here? (4x)

Writer/s: Rollins Band