Waited Till Halloween

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Some of us belive halloween to be a celibration of samhein
The festival of sulony
The only night of the year where the dead are given a chance
To walk freely amongs the planet
Some of you partake in wearing costumes
In trying to wear off these souls that have passed on
Hoping you will be saved by the moon of all hallows-eve
But we have patiently waited for this very night of October 31st
To bring to you the wicked shit
It was Halloween '85
I'm knocking on the door
But when it opens, it was creeking and his voice real low
And said "this is a special treat for you little guy
And if you eat it right now, you'll get another suprise"
I'm like "fuck it, give it up, and let me eat it hurry up"
And by the time I went to swallow, I was covered in blood
Now he's laughing at me saying that the joke was been made
And the other suprise was inside it was a razor blade
Now I'm choking on my own blood
I can't breath and I really wanna leave
But my soul's stuck
Now I'm just another ghost in the house
And every Halloween
I'm the unseen that tries to take you out
Sure it seems a little crazy
But this is my day
And all you little boys and girls are going to pay
I gotta wait until my time comes once a year
Until then, I'm just a little boy that disapeared
I waited for Halloween
So I can bug out, smoke out this lunatik
And rip your fucking throat out
I waited for Halloween
Because it feels right
Full moon eluminate in the sky at night
Waited for Halloween to make a bong
From that so called jack-o-lantern
We jacked from your front lawn
I'm feeling good now
And flying high
Like a wicked fucking witch
Riding brooms through the night sky
But we don't trick for treats
We spit on beats
And smash motherfuckers
In the middle of they own sreets
Give me my shit bitch, is my reply
Or we braking your jaw and swelling your eye tonight bitch
It's all hallows-eve
Tell me do you belive
In that costume you wearing
In attempt to decieve "Give me this mask!"
Fuck you hiding from?
It ain't not the mask I got beef with
It's the punks that's inside of me
But we humanly patiently now waited forever to bring this
And my advise is lock your doors and mind ya buisness
(chorus x2)
I don't give a fuck
I paint it up every mothafucking day
On the bridge, throwing buckets at the cars on the freeway
I'm smoking square snatching heads instead of bags
Lighting candles in your necks so I can light, to take a drag
Patiently waiting for the season to arive
And when it does run for cover
Because everybody suffers and dies
I make your body like a pumpkin seed
And pass it out like pieces of candy on Hallow's eve
Yo, I'm a fucking skitso
I got a ???
And I'm eating quarter bags of dorritos
A lunnatik wait
Never said I was on the channel
Everybody is but that's ok it don't matter
Waited for Halloween to get loose
And wrap a rope around your neck
And make the carnival noose
And watch you swing
Terrified of everything
From the dark to the lyrics in the songs that we sing
(Hard 2 Understand Talking)
(chorus x2)
And what about my poor brother's death
?? and snakes and spiders and giant space man and.....
Ok ok, I hear what your saying, go up there and ring that door bell
No, No, No (echoing)